Monday, March 9, 2015

Easy weekend makeup, March 2015

I don't mind wearing lots of makeup every day really. I love the finished product so the fact that I wear lots of makeup for the most part is just fine with me. But I do like to take as much of a break as I can on the weekend. I like to not cover my face and if I can get away with not using gel eyeliner or more than like 2 products on my eyes I get really excited.  So this was my go to makeup this weekend. I only left the house like twice and knew the people I was seeing wouldn't judge the lack of makeup on my face.

So here are the products I used. Just seven and one brush. Considering that on a normal day I could use anywhere from 15 - 20 products on my face this is a huge slim down. Here's what I did:
  1. I used my Benefit Fake Up in 02 under my eyes. This stuff is a super hydrating concealer with a little bit of pigment. It's not strong enough for everyday use but when I'm going for a lighter/more natural look it does the trick.
  2. Next I took my Master Primer by Maybelline in the Blue + Smooth formula and put it on the apples of my cheeks, near my nose, on my nose and the top of my forehead. All the places I have problems with pores. This is a somewhat hydrating primer, it's not really hydrating, but it doesn't dry me out so I feel it counts.  I only use it in targeted areas. This helps give the appearance of smoother skin and since I wasn't topping it with a BB cream I made sure to really focus on my problem areas.
  3. Next I took my Define a Brow also by Maybelline and worked on my eyebrows. In the picture below you'll see my left eyebrow was really having some fun, I toned him down after I took the picture to make it look a little more natural.  I love using an eyebrow pencil because they're so much faster, but they don't have the added bonus of being controlling. 
  4. Then I took my Maybelline (may used a lot of Maybelline products this day) Color Tattoo in Creamy Beige allover my eyelid and up a little in the crease. I love this color. It's a beigey brown that is just a little darker than my natural eyelids. It's the perfect no-make-up-make-up eye color. When you pull it up into your crease it naturally looks a little darker, it's beautiful.
  5. Then I took my Tarte eyeliner in Bronze very close to my upper and lower lashline. Drawing very small strokes and really just trying to darken my lashes a little. I smudged it out a little on the ends with my fingers.
  6. Next I used a sample of Clinique's High Impact mascara in black that my sister game me. It is not high impact, but actually gives a really natural flutterly look to my lashes. I gave two quick coats to my lashes and moved on.
  7. Finally I finished with my Elf blush in Jest Setter. I love this color, its a very natural mauvey-pink. I like it because it goes with everything and is hard to get too much of, so it looks super natural. I took this on my Real Technique's Blush Brush and just really focused on blending it out and making it look super soft.
Here is my before and after- remember the eyebrows were addressed later no worries.
In the picture on the left I just have moisturizer on my face and it was a little pink.  I've been trying out and enjoying my Pond's Dry Skin Cream. It's really thick and creamy and smells deliciously like Baby Powder.

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