Friday, July 3, 2015

10 Minute Summer Makeup

So sorry for the neglect! I started this post 3 weeks ago! Makeup Blog Fail!

It's summer! It's hot and the days are long and the last thing I want to do is be in front of the mirror for half an hour with the hot lights shining down on me and messing with my face.  In the summer I like to save time wherever I can- I don't know why since the days seem to never end, but I still like to save time with my makeup and make it as simple and hassle free as possible.  So I find myself using this makeup look very often.

I start with my primers as usual- It Cosmetics Feel the Moment Primer plus my Maybelline Masterprime Blur.  If I'm feeling a little splotchy or red I throw on my tried and true Olay BB Cream.  Then I cover my under eyes with Benefit's Erase Paste- amazingly in the summer I only need one concealer.  Then hit the lids with primer and move onto my brows.  I go back and forth between my NYX Brow Pencil or my NYX Brow Powder.

But the real time saver comes when we hit the eyes!

I learned a magical trick at the end of spring that if your cream eye shadow (or Maybelline Color Tattoo) dries out you can just stir that bad boy up and it's good as new. So at the beginning of summer I did just that and my almost used up Bad to the Bronze was perfect again.

I apply my Color Tattoo or the ELF Dupe in Cruisin' Chic all over the lid and up to the crease.  I just put a pretty thin layer on, if I wore the cream shadow by itself it would give a very natural bronzy look. I've been using my Real Technique's domed eye shader brush for the ELF cream shadow because it's hard to get into the pot, but with the Color Tat I can just use my fingers. Then I hit my brown bone with a cream eye shadow I'm loving this single Max Factor pan my sister gave me from a kit- it doesn't have a name. Or I'll use one of the cream colors from my Tartelette palette. Then what really does the trick and makes it look like you put in some effort is the bronze eye shadow over the top of the cream. I'm again using one of the Max Factor color's my sis gave me and it's gorgeous. I tried over and over again to make the L'Oreal Infallible in Bronze Taupe work but it came off very silvery and looked almost grey not cute.  This bronze however is perfect and has the right amount of gold shimmer in it and it's perfect for summer.  If I'm being fancy after I apply it with a flat brush I'll take the fluffy side of a dual ended Tarte brush and kinda wisp it out into the cream.

To finish the eye look I've been using my Tarte Smolder Eyes in Sunset Bronze and smudge it out on the top and bottom.  Then I just hit the lashes with whatever mascara I want and I'm done! Normally my eye makeup can take anywhere from 15-20 minutes if I'm taking my time and using a million shades of brown, but for this look it takes no time at all and I like it enough to wear to work and out on the weekends.

To finish up the face I do my usual bronzer, blush and highlight routine nothing new there.  I take NYC's Sunny as a bronzer and contour all over the perimeter of my face. I go back and forth between ALL my blushes for a blush.  Then I pick usually out of two highlighters to highlight with.  Spray my face with a setting spray, pop on some tinted lip balm and I'm out the door.

I need to time my full face makeup routine because it really does take a long time. With this makeup routine I've noticed I have more time to relax before I head off to work in the mornings, I can make a second cup of coffee, watch some YouTube or even read a little. It's been delightful. I'm 100% convinced cream eye shadows were made for just this purpose.

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