Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Tarte Tartelette Matte Eye Palette

So I've broken my New Year's makeup resolution.  Didn't take long. Two weekends ago I went on an unscheduled shopping spree/retail therapy trip and when I got home did the usual YouTube Vlog Watching. I also started following a lot of my favorites on Instagram where they usually post if there are any really great sales or deals out there.  Usually QVC and HauteLook have the best.  So this particular Saturday I believe it was @jenluvsreviews that posted QVC was having a special on the Tartelette palette! One of the main palette's I was trying to avoid purchasing till I worked through some products... This palette is usually $44 but QVC had it on sale for $36 plus a dual ended brush...so I justified it...with shipping it ended up being $45 but I still got the brush so that's fine.

It arrived in the mail last Friday so I didn't get to play with it till Saturday.

Beautiful neutrally brown and pinky rose colors. I love it.  Now Matte shadows are tricky for me. I feel like as we get older we're supposed to wear less shimmery colors and more Mattes, but I'm only 29 for goodness sakes (for 61 more days at least) and so I should enjoy my shimmer while I can! Buuuttt...there's just something really appealing about Matte colors for me right now. In my Too Faced Chocolate Palette I've been reaching for a lot more of the Matte shades and then as soon as I heard about this palette I just really was drawn to it.  So let's Matte!

Now this isn't a full review because I've only worn this thing for four days so these are really just first impressions. Saturday I used it a nude Color Tattoo and it was really just there to transition color and high light and worked great. The colors felt smooth and light.  I found no trouble blending them out and they didn't drag at all on my eyes. No primer except the color tat.  Sunday I work just these in "free spirit" all over the lid and "force of nature" on the moving part of my lid up to the crease.  I didn't do eyeliner or mascara and just went pretty natural. Again it felt fine on the lids without primer.

Then Monday... this happened.

A photo posted by Tyler Archer (@tyleralyse) on
I decided to go all matte on everything.  I used my usual Wet 'n Wild Fergie Eye Primer.  I let it set for a second then added free spirit on the brow bone and  caregiver on the moving part of my eyelid up to my crease.  Again fine.  Then I took force of nature in my crease. I felt a little dragging.  I added dreamer to just under my crease and it took a lot of blending to smooth it out.  Then last was multi-tasker as eyeliner, but it felt a little grippy so I couldn't get a smooth line.  Interesting...at the end of the day my makeup was still on, it looked just as good as it had when I first applied it.  I was worried it would look patchy in some areas and I definitely don't think it'll go down in history as one of my best eye shadow looks, but that's okay we'll try again.

So today I tried again. I used about half the eye shadow primer than I normally do and stuck to just the top row of colors. Free spirit all over, force of nature in the crease, dreamer in the outer v and I left multi-tasker alone. I feel muddy. I just don't feel like I was able to get a smooth blend.  But it looks exactly like it did 5 hours ago when I applied it so the staying power seems excellent.  I just maybe need to find the right primer.

So I'm a little disappointed in this palette. I think it's a great neutral palette and tomorrow I'm going to play with it in conjunction with another palette and see if they play well together.  I'll also research online if there's a certain type of primer I should use them with. Or maybe my brushes are the problem. I am about a week past when I'd normally clean then, but I was busy binge watching The Fall this weekend.  So well see.  I'll give an update in a few weeks after I've played with it more to see what I think.  So for now it's not terrible it's just not perfect...

What's on my face in the pic?
Primer- Benefit Porefessional
Face-I have IT Cosmetics CC Cream in Medium
Eyebrows- NYX Eyebrow Powder in Blonde
Shadow Primer- Wet 'n Wild Fergie Take on the Day
Bronzer- NYC Sunny
Blush- Tarte Unleashed (from the Rainforest after dark palette)
Highlighter- Tarte Champagne (Rainforest after dark)
Mascara- Benefit They're Real (sample size- not sure how I feel about it...)
Brushes used- all real techniques and the dual ended brush the palette came with

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