Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Weekend Makeup Bag

I had two quick San Antonio weekend trips this month. I needed to get my weekend makeup bag set to a smaller than usual level because I did not want to be hauling 5 palettes and 3 BB creams and a dozen makeup brushes home every two weeks all spring. My first trip was for two baby showers and to chill with my sister.  And the second trip was for my niece's baptism. Both trips centered around looking just classically nice for these events, nothing crazy or fancy just classic.

So here's what I usually bring when I go home-
  1. Day and Night Moisturizer
  2. Face Primer
  3. It Cosmetics CC Cream
  4. Olay Fresh Effects BB Cream
  5. It Cosmetics Bye Bye Under-eye
  6. Maybelline Age Rewind
  7. Benefit Fake Up
  8. Wet n Wild Fergie Take on the Day Eye Primer
  9. Eye Base or Cream Shadow
  10. NYX Brow Cake Powder
  11. Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette
  12. Tartelette Matte Palette
  13. Tarte Rainforest After Dark full face palette
  14. NYC Bronzer in Sunny
  15. Blush (various)
  16. ELF Highlighter
  17. NYX Gel Eyeliner
  18. Pencil Eyeliner
  19. Two-three mascaras
  20. NYX Setting Spray
  21. All the makeup brushes...
So what did I end up taking?
I'm super proud of myself I really cut down!  (on the makeup side of things)

  1.  Maybelline Face Primer
  2. IT Cosmetics CC Cream
  3. Benefit Lemon-aid (eye primer/color corrector) 
  4. Bye Bye Undereye
  5. NYX Eyebrow wax
  6. NYC Eyebrow Cake Powder
  7. Tartelette Palette (ONLY ONE EYESHADOW PALETTE Y'ALL!!!)
  8. NYX Gel Liner
  9. Benefit They're Real Sample Mascara
  10. NYC Bronzer in Sunny
  11. Nars Blush in Orgasm
  12. ELF Highlighter
And that's it for makeup! I was ridiculously proud.  And I really didn't miss the other stuff. I feel like this got the job done just fine.  For brushes I do really feel like I kept it down to a sane amount.

So basically every day I did the same look.  I used the top row of my Tartlette Palette with the light pink shade thrown in all over the lid and then basic gel liner and mascara.  My face was the same daily too nothing fancy there.  CC cream + concealer + Primer + brows + bronzer, blush & highlight and it's done! I did wish I'd brought a little lighter concealer because the Bye Bye Undereye is really heavy but it was fine for the short weekends.  

Packing will probably always be challenging for me, but for a 2 day weekend I feel like anymore than this would have been excessive. 

*Note: I've been pretty much using my Tartelette Palette Exclusively since I got it so I'm going to do an updated review soon about how I was able to make it work. My first review was a little lackluster but after living with it for a while I really do like it.

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