Monday, February 22, 2016

Top 5 Blushes

Howdy! I've been away so long! Sorry! Busy semester. I got a job, got into law school and will now be moving home soon. I'll write all about packing on my other blog, but I'll check in here on my makeup packing and moving. But first...blush!

I have a lot of blush, I really don't know how it happened. Last year I only had 14 blushes...that number has almost doubled now... in fact all of these have been acquired since then except one. So here's what they are and why I love them. Counterclockwise from the Hourglass palette.

  1. Hourglass Mood Exposure the most expensive blush I own and it's not even a full size, but in a palette. This bottom left corner color doesn't look like anything special in the pan, but when you put it on it is the most perfect plum-y mauve. The color is so gorgeous with a hint of glow, not shimmer and I'm in love. I wore this color for over a month straight after I got this palette because it is so gorgeous. It's a sophisticated natural color that looks great. I think it's a great winter color and love it when wearing all black or grey. It lasts forever and is so silky smooth to the touch. I will buy the full size of this if I ever work through this one- all $38 of it. This palette was $80 and is a great sampler of Hourglass stuff.
  2. Milani Tea Rose I had the hardest time picking which of Milani's rose blushes I wanted last year when these came out, but decided to go with this one because it seemed the most universal. It's a bright rose color and a great pink when the season's are transitioning Winter to Spring or Summer to Fall. I just love it. I feel like it's a comforting color like jeans, it's a good casual color but looks super nice when dressed up. It has a great texture and great lasting power, it looks so natural on and if I needed more blush I would buy more of this formula.
  3. Tarte Fearless One of the 12 Hour Amazonian Clay Blushes, it's photographing much brighter and online it looks much mellower, but it's a beautiful bright pink flush but not too bright. It's a great everyday Spring and Summer Pink. I first fell in love with this blush as a sample. Tarte blushes are super pigmented and this will probably last me forever, but I love it and until it gets hard pan I will use and abuse it. Tarte blushes are $28 and well worth it. In the summer it's a no-brainer blush, I highly recommend.
  4. Tarte Savored another 12 Hour Amazonian Clay Blush, but unfortunately it was a part of a limited edition holiday collection from  QVC. I wrote about it here. Tarte blushes never photograph correctly, but this is my go to Fall/Winter blush. It's a burgundy deep color with some gold shimmer, but not too much. It was my first experience with Tarte blushes and you can see my Amazonian woman is mostly used up in the center. It's sadly getting a little hard pan on it after a year and a few months, but that's okay it was a great deal in a set.
  5. theBalm Cabana Boy a beautiful deep dusty rose color. Another one I break out in the fall months. Such a gorgeous color with very very slight shimmer. I got this for $10 on HauteLook and while I love it I probably wouldn't have bought it full price at $21. It's a favorite because I don't have anything else like it. 

So these are my perfect go to blushes when I need to look polished and perfect, I love them. I am a very seasonal person I only use certain items during certain times of the year. True with clothing, music and makeup. Eye shadows I mix pretty much year round, but blushes not at all. I love my pinks and in the Spring and Summer, but in the Fall and Winter I want something deeper and cozier. Milani is my only favorite drugstore blush because it performs so well. If you didn't tell me it was drugstore I'd never know. These are my favorite blushes I hope you try some of them out!

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