Thursday, December 11, 2014

Tarte Sweet Indulgences QVC Holiday 2014 Kit

So last month I saw my fave beauty guru EmiylNoel83 talk about the Tarte Sweet Indulgences set.  I had just promised/vowed not to buy any new extravagant makeup sets for myself till after Christmas. Not that I expect people to get me lavish makeup for Christmas but you never know and I think everyone knows I'd love Ulta gift cards.  I saw this was the Today's Special Value meaning it was going to be cheap, like ridiculously cheap. Like a 3rd the price it usually would be.  I needed it in my life.

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This amazing kit comes apart into 3 separate books.  One book has 3 LipSurgance products. Two LipSurgance tints and one LipSurgence gloss. I haven't played around too much with these because they're kinda springy colors.  And two blushes. I LOVE TARTE BLUSHES. My first Tarte blush was in my Rainforest After Dark palette and it's amazing. Seriously the most perfect pink.  In this kit we have two new color blushes "Savored" a lightly sparkled terracotta-y plum and "Pampered" a more peachy matte blush. I love Savored and have worn it pretty much daily since receiving this kit. It has the perfect amount of shine where if you're not really wanting to highlight everyday this takes care of it. It's been perfect for fall and has amazing lasting power. I haven't used Pampered, I've never used a peach colored blush before and am scared. I may test it out in the spring or it may find a new home in San Antonio, we'll see.  But theses are both Amazonian 12 hour blushes meaning the quality and lasting power is amazing.

Pampered on right; Savored on left

The next book in the kit was for two eyeshadow books. You may remember these two books made a trip to SA with me for Thanksgiving and were in my travel makeup bag.  These eyes books are made up of 8 shadows each ranging from beautiful neutral browns, rosey tones, greys, mauves, dark purple, dark brown and dark grey with a couple sparkly colors in for fun (gold, green and purple). Matte, shimmer and one glittery color.  It's an amazing color palette- of neutrals. I have used all the colors except the green- as is usually the case. But the texture is amazing and the lasting power is fabulous. I have to say I like the texture more than my Rainforest After Dark disc palette shadows! I hate to say it but I do!  I've been neglecting my other palettes in favor of these two. My only complaint is I wish it was just one book, but apparently last year's similar set was one book and people complained and wanted it separated into two- so you know you can't please everyone one.  But they're gorgeous shadows.

Terrible picture quality- sorry!!! doesn't do any justice...sad day.

The last little booklet comes with 3 eyeliners and 2 Lights Camera Lashes mascaras.  I had never tried any of these products and am happy with the eyeliners and in love with the mascara.  The eyeliners come in Bronze, Plum and Charcoal. There's nothing special about the eyeliners.  They're not too soft, not too hard. I find they last fine and blend well right after applied. I'm not too picky about eyeliners so it's fine, but I have been using and abusing my gel liner recently so while these have all been used I don't reach for them everyday.  Then there is the Lights Camera Lashes mascara in black. Oh buddy. Wow. This stuff is amazing. I had been seriously crushing on my Urban Decay Perversion Mascara since I got it in August and this stuff totally took it's place. I love this mascara. It looks amazing, where as my Perversion makes me look like I'm wearing fake lashes and is really "statement" mascara this Tarte stuff makes them look naturally gorgeous with a little umph.  I think it helps my curl hold better, it lasts all day and doesn't seem to be drying out my lashes as much. I think I've experienced less lash loss with this mascara than others. I got two in this kit which I don't need because I keep getting new mascaras from Ipsy so the second one of these may be stocking stuffer for my sis when I go home, it's all natural and she just gave me a random mascara so why not.  No surprises Hail sorry.

Overall this kit was totally worth the price. I was on the fence about it all day, called my mom and she talked me into it. Her selling point was the QVC lets you do payments! I laughed and then submitted my order. I think the value is amazing I think they mark the value around $175 and I got it for $59.  Steal! I am a Tarte fan now. This second major Tarte purchase did not disappoint and I am now seriously craving their Spring 2015 collection and when my current under-eye concealer runs out I may switch over to Tarte's which is supposed to be even more hydrating.  So I'm a fan.

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