Monday, November 10, 2014

Christmas Gift Guide! 2014

I am a terrible Christmas shopper, I usually wait till the very last minute, spend too much money and then end up having to get some people really crappy gifts.  This year I'm being strategic, I've decided to break up my list into two months. I'm buying half my peeps their things in November and the other half in December. Stuff that needs to be bought online is being purchased now and stuff that can be bought in a store can wait.  So far I've bought 2 out of 19 gifts. I'm also hoping not to overspend this year.  

But! You know what makes an excellent gift? Makeup. Or beauty stuff.  All the above! There are tons of things on my makeup wishlist I have a whole Pinterest board dedicated to it, but there are also things in my makeup collection that I think make excellent gift options.

Gift Ideas!

  1. The Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette this is something I already have and love.  And a very special person on my gift list is getting one this Christmas too.  But this is a great gift for any eye shadow lover and especially neutral eye shadow lovers.  This has all the brown neutral tons you need with a few pops of purple and burgundy when you want a little extra.  It's reasonably priced at $49 and you get 16 shadows!!! Also it smells like chocolate because it's infused with cocoa powder. You can create so many looks with this one palette I am constantly recommending it to friends and anyone would be thrilled to get this candy bar in their stocking this Christmas.
  2. The Lorac PRO To Go This is on my wish list. This eye and cheek palette is the perfect travel companion. I've been eyeing it for months! It has 6 beautiful highly pigmented neutral eye shadows and 3 cheek products. This product is great for anyone who travels a lot, or for a weekend get away or for someone looking for a palette they can create a consistent polished look from. I want it for all the above! I mostly want it for travel, when I go home to San Antonio for weekends and holidays I hate lugging 3 makeup bags home, it'd be so nice to take this, some brushes, mascara and a lipstick home and know I can get the look I want.  At $38 this is another super affordable gift for anytime of the year.
  3. In the mood for something sweet?  This is on my wish list as well the Tarte Sweet Indulgences st from QVC. OMG this is beautiful.  16 beautiful eye shadows in a variety of neutral shades with both matte and shimmery finishes. Two amazonian clay blushes. 2 lipsurgence pencils, 1 lipsurgence gloass, 3 eyeliners and 2 lights, camera, flashes mascaras! Today only! It's on sale for $59.99 and tomorrow it'll go back to $72.50. It's only available from QVC.  It is currently taking all of my willpower to not purchase this product. 
  4. Every major brand at Ulta or Sephora has holiday gift sets out this time of year. Tarte has some amazing ones, Too Faced has some of my favorite and Urban Decay has a bunch of great options too for the more bold at heardt. When it comes But if you don't know what to get somoene a Gift Card to Ulta or Sephora will do. 
  5. Then the non-makeup makeup lover gift idea is the Bobbi Brown Makeup Manual another item on my wish list. This book is basically the bible of makeup for beginners and intermediates. Or anyone who loves makeup.  Bobbie Brown is a legend and literally wrote the manual that has no comparison.  I've seen this book in real life dozens of times but have never purchased it and at around $25 it's easily the most affordable gift on my list this year. 
Happy Shopping! 

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