Wednesday, November 12, 2014

It's Yzma Time! (Super late Halloween look)

Okay I know we're already in the middle of November but I still wanted to share my Yzma transformation experience. Every year for Halloween my office has a ridiculously competitive Halloween Spooktacular Party with group costume contest. My office has come in 2nd place the last two years and this year we wanted to change that. In early October we decided we'd all go as Disney Villains and instantly I knew who would be perfect for me. The one, the only, her name is in the title...

Not me.
Yzma! She's fabulous, loves makeup and accessories and may just be my spirit animal. I love her. Unfortunately I couldn't find a Kronk in my office, but a girl can wait.  One of the important rules of our costume contest is trying not to spend money on things and if you do spend money to spend as little as possible. (I usually have a problem with this) So I pulled out my makeup and said okay I can do this, found a black dress my mother made for me in high school that still fits- yah it had sleeves but whatever- my boss brought me some big shell earrings my student worker painted blue for me and then I only spent money on a purple boa, feathers and eyelashes.  I kept my costume probably right around $12.  

This one is me. 
So unlike my other smart co-workers I didn't really practice my makeup till the morning of when I was applying it for real. I applied my usual allover face makeup but used a face primer to help it really stick.  Added extra bronzer in the hollows of my cheeks, a more dead color blush, filled in my eyebrows then went in search for my 120 color eyeshadow palette.  

I have no idea when or where this eye palette came from. I've had it since high school I know but don't know if it was purchased in 1999 or 2003- who knows. But whenever I need a random non-natural color I pull this thing out and it's always done the trick, it's great for theatre and Halloween but not much else. It lives at the top of my closet cause I don't use it very often and when I pulled it out and looked inside....

It was much more shimmery than I remembered and the colors all had the same kinda sivlery cast to them instead of the pigment I was wanting- which was PURPLE.  So I had to come up with a quick backup about my Too Face Chocolate Bar palette that has a beautiful and amazing purple in it- yes my favorite neutral eye shadow palette has an amazing sparkly purple to it- in order to get the color to build up I did have to use a very light colored base and then add lots of layers, but overall it worked great. I used my Victoria's Secret black/grey eye shadow for accents and to really deaden up my lids under my brows and then the black to help smudge out the outer V.

Then I added some mascara a neutral lipstick and headed out to work. I was gonna wait to apply my eyelashes till right before the party and the lipstick too. Once I got to work I slapped on some purple sparkly nail polish from Gel Envy by Revlon- the color Showtime is amazing (thanks Stilakiss33) and continued out my morning.

A little before lunch when I had to go decorate for the party I added some fabulous feather lashes, my red lipstick and had my student worker help get the feathers in my hair. Overall I'm super pleased with how the look came out. I think for a DIY Yzma is was perfect, I could have put a little more effort and $ into the project and come a little closer, but that wasn't the goal. I loved this costume probably my favorite I've done for work and the makeup was so fun, but I definitely think it was the lashes that made it.

PS- The team came in 2nd place again.

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