Friday, November 21, 2014

Ipsy Bags!

Last Spring when I started becoming obsessed with Beauty Vlogs and Blogs and makeup.  One of my first Vloggers StilaKiss33 started talking about Ipsy Bags.  A $10 a month beauty subscription service that sends you a bag and 5 sample (sometimes full size) beauty products. Everything from makeup, skincare, nail polish and hair care.  All for $10 a month! At this time I hadn't instituted my "beauty budget" and so I was on the fence about it for a while.  Then in June I thought what the hell and subscribed. BUT I was put on a waiting list! No one said anything about a waiting list. So after a few months I forgot about it till one day I got the email that I was off the waiting list and my bad would be arriving soon.  So In August I got my first bag!

August was back to school themed and came in this adorable white and orange polka dot pencil bag. The bag is pretty small, but actually fits most of my brushes in it nicely. I think my elf tapered brushes a bit too long, but all my eye shadow brushes fit just fine. As my first bag I was super excited to see what I got. Inside were a lip balm, face primer, mascara, mini-blush and bronzer duo and a mini-eyeliner.  I tried all products and the only one that really changed my life was the Mascara. Urban Decay Perversion mascara which I've written about before.  This little sample came in the middle of doing Legally Blonde and after it arrived I said goodbye to my false lashes because this stuff is amazing. 3 coats of it and no need for fakes.  I eventually bought the full size and it's primer friend.  The lip balm was fine, but my lips are picky and need ultra hydration.  The primer smelled funny so I don't use it much, the eye liner bleeds and smears like no other and then the blush duo just wasn't for me.  So in my first bag I loved one product and the bag.  The Mascara itself is twice the cost of the bag so for $10 I decided to keep with it.

Month two- September's theme was street style.  The bag is an excellent size but not really my style.  Even though the bag isn't my favorite it's been living in my purse ever since as my daily take with me makeup bag.  I was pretty excite to try a lot of the things in this bag, most of them would not have been things I would have just bought.  A bright red lipstick, a setting powder, hand cream, a face wash and a red nail polish.  I knew right away I wouldn't like the hand cream, my skin is super dry and fancy hand creams tend to be more fragrant than moisturizing.  So I keep it in my purse anyways in case friends need some. The face wash I took home for a weekend trip since it was a good travel size, it was nothing special but I prefer my Dr. Bronners. The setting powder works just fine I don't think it's anything spectacular but I've been using it with my more hydrating under eye concealers to set them, but I don't put powder all over my face because have I mentioned I'm dry? Then the lipstick I was super excited for, I'd been trying more red lips and this looked like a really nice brand.  I put it on, loved the color and it was creamy, not too drying and was actually staying on my lips after my coffee.  However after lunch I went to reapply it and noticed it had gone from a beautiful vibrant red to a hot pink- like fuscia on my lips. The nail polish I have no complaints about either it's a nice red and it's been on my toes for the last few months.  Overall I wasn't disappointed in this bag but there was nothing in it that I was really excited to incorporate into my life but still worth $10. I decided to keep with it till December and make a judgement then.

October! Fabulous bag, super cute, durable and a little smaller than Septembers.  So what'd I get? A face exfoliant cool, I always need these.  Another hand cream...why me? Another mascara super excited for that.  Another nail polish very similar in color to the previous months...hmmmm. And a nude lip gloss, okay I hadn't used lip glosses since college so why not.  The exfoliant is lovely, I use it weekly and it feels very much like when I add baking soda to my doctor bronners as a weekly scrub.  Nothing spectacular, but I like it.  The hand cream is mango scented, it's in a box of things to give to my sister- I dislike mango.  Mascara yes, I love my Perversion Mascara don't get my wrong, but sometimes it's a little much for the daytime so I like the option for something a little lighter and a little less dramatic. Perfectly happy with this mascara.  Haven't tried the nail polish. I'm just getting into painting my nails again but I was not amused that I got nail polishes so close in color two months in a row.  And then the lip gloss was a dud. It was sticky, too nude to be useful and completely lacking in hydrating properties- what's the point.  So I was pretty indifferent about this month as well, it wasn't looking good for Ipsy. One more month before December and I have to make a decision. The mascara was a win and the bag was awesome but for $10 I was starting to think that money could go towards something else.

Then this happened....

OMG I love this. Glitter, glitter everywhere! The bag is plastic so the glitter is trapped and not coming off all over my apartment.  The zipper is pink! I love this bag. This bag alone was worth it.  But then the products inside were also fabulous.  Glittery black liquid eyeliner! I don't usually use black eyeliner, but it's holiday season I'll probably do more smokey eyes where this could work.  Lip paint! A beautiful berry colored lip paint! I haven't worn it on my lips yet but swatching it made me fall in love- if it stays inside my lip line then I'm gonna be thrilled.  Makeup sealant, I love setting sprays, I've used it twice it's pretty wet feeling but doesn't smell bad and seems to make my blush last which is such a challenge for me usually.  Then some Moroccan oil hairspray. I don't use hairspray much, but again holidays I'm gonna want some bigger hair and this may just do the trick- it smells divine. Then last but not least a liquid highlighter! OMG this is beautiful. I swatched it immediately on the back of my hand and couldn't believe how pretty it was. A perfect pearly color. I've been wearing it on my cheekbones for the last few days and I loves it omg I love it. It's the perfect highlighter and smells delicious. So that's it. I pretty much love everything in this month's bag and the  bag itself.

So the verdict is- it's only $10 so why not.  Ipsy you win, because I always find something I like and the bags are great for travel or for my purse and you know I think you deserve a few more months. I can't imagine sticking with it more than 10 months so probably once they have my $100 in total I'll quit but it's been super fun and I can't wait to see next month's bag.

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